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How to determine the quality of gear motor ?

Sunday - 29/01/2017 22:25
Reduction gear box, gear motor and gear motor are widely used in automobile driving, intelligent household, medical equipment, industrial transmission, etc.
How to determine the quality of gear motor ?
So, how do we judge the quality of the gear motor?

1. The first from temperature detection.
Gear motor in the process of rotation, can produce friction and other parts, process of friction, can make the deceleration of the motor temperature rise, if abnormal under the condition of high temperature, should immediately stop rotation, take preventive measures.
dolin gear motor 2
Thermal device can detect the gear motor in the spinning temperature, once found that more than normal temperature, will stop check, avoid the harm of other failures.
2. The second from vibration to check.
High-quality gear motor vibration has obvious influence on reducer, by the reaction of shock, can detect the problems existing in the gear motor, gear motor, such as damage, indentation, rust, etc.
All of these cases, will affect the normal vibration of gear motor. Through reduction motor vibration testing instrument to observe deceleration motor size and vibration frequency, vibration reduction motor can realize the anomalies.
3. The final judgment from the voice.
Gear motor in the process of running, a different voice, on behalf of the gear motor has different situation, we can be judged through the auditory gear motor is good or bad, but the most accurate judgment is also a need of instrument to detect, gear motor has special inspection of sound, if in the operation of the gear motor in, the sound of the scream, or there are other irregular sound, then prove deceleration motor problems or damage, should suspend operation as soon as possible, for a more detailed test.

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